Autogenerated API

argus_api.lib.logging.v1.csp_report_uri.submit_csp_log_event(blockedUri: str = None, disposition: str = None, documentUri: str = None, effectiveDirective: str = None, originalPolicy: str = None, referrer: str = None, scriptSample: str = None, statusCode: int = None, violatedDirective: str = None, json: bool = True, verify: Optional[bool] = None, proxies: Optional[dict] = None, apiKey: Optional[str] = None, authentication: Optional[dict] = None, server_url: Optional[str] = None, body: Optional[dict] = None, api_session: Optional[ArgusAPISession] = None) dict#

Submit CSP log event (INTERNAL)

  • blockedUri (str) – The URI of the resource that was blocked from loading by the Content Security Policy.

  • disposition (str) – Either ‘enforce’ or ‘report’.

  • documentUri (str) – The URI of the document in which the violation occurred.

  • effectiveDirective (str) – The directive whose enforcement caused the violation.

  • originalPolicy (str) – The original policy as specified by the Content-Security-Policy-Report-Only HTTP header.

  • referrer (str) – The referrer of the document in which the violation occurred.

  • scriptSample (str) – The first 40 characters of the inline script, event handler, or style that caused the violation.

  • statusCode (int) – The HTTP status code of the resource on which the global object was instantiated.

  • violatedDirective (str) – The name of the policy section that was violated.

  • json – return the response’s body as a dict parsed from json. True by default. If set to false, the raw requests.Response object will be returned.

  • verify – path to a certificate bundle or boolean indicating whether SSL verification should be performed.

  • apiKey – Argus API key.

  • authentication – authentication override

  • server_url – API base URL override

  • body – body of the request. other parameters will override keys defined in the body.

  • api_session – session to use for this request. If not set, the global session will be used.


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