class argus_api.files.sampledb.challenge.ChallengeToken#
argus_api.files.sampledb.challenge.generate_challenge_token(sha256: str, data: Union[bytes, pathlib.Path], verify: Optional[bool] = None, proxies: Optional[dict] = None, apiKey: Optional[str] = None, authentication: Optional[dict] = None, server_url: Optional[str] = None, api_session: Optional[ArgusAPISession] = None) argus_api.files.sampledb.challenge.ChallengeToken#

“Generate a challenge token for a sample

  • sha256 – sha256 of the sample

  • data – sample data. Can be provided raw bytes or a pathlib.Path object pointing to the sample’s location.

  • verify – path to a certificate bundle or boolean indicating whether SSL verification should be performed.

  • apiKey – Argus API key.

  • authentication – authentication override

  • server_url – API base URL override

  • api_session – session to use for this request. If not set, the global session will be used.


challenge token