Autogenerated API

argus_api.lib.currentuser.v1.permissions.get_current_user_permissions(includeInherited: bool = True, limit: int = 25, offset: int = None, json: bool = True, verify: Optional[bool] = None, proxies: Optional[dict] = None, apiKey: Optional[str] = None, authentication: Optional[dict] = None, server_url: Optional[str] = None, body: Optional[dict] = None, api_session: Optional[ArgusAPISession] = None) dict#

Get list of permissions which is granted to current user. Result will be sorted by id (ascending). NOTE! Some of these permissions may not be active for the current session, if the session is constrained. (PUBLIC)

  • includeInherited (bool) – If false, do not include permissions inherited from groups

  • limit (int) – Maximum number of values to return

  • offset (int) – Skip this number of records

  • json – return the response’s body as a dict parsed from json. True by default. If set to false, the raw requests.Response object will be returned.

  • verify – path to a certificate bundle or boolean indicating whether SSL verification should be performed.

  • apiKey – Argus API key.

  • authentication – authentication override

  • server_url – API base URL override

  • body – body of the request. other parameters will override keys defined in the body.

  • api_session – session to use for this request. If not set, the global session will be used.


dictionary translated from JSON